The trend to use led landscape lighting

Led landscape lighting is one of the lights that can both light and decorate effectively. Typically in the space using LED lighting landscape is garden and walkway. Depending on the design idea of ​​the building, people will use landscape lighting LEDs to decorate the garden differently. Among the landscape lighting LEDs currently, underground lights are a new application in lighting that has been gaining popularity recently. Lights are installed underground sound with vibrant colors, creating accents for the surrounding landscape.

Features and structure of underground LED lights

  • What is an underground LED?

Led ground lights are installed for decorative purposes, not lighting, so the suitable power is from 1 – 3W. The sun is used for underwater installation both indoors; and outdoors should be at least 65 to withstand; many external influences such as water, dust, humidity, … Lights are very diverse in view, and color should be applied more in; art lighting of public works, entertainment areas, garden villas, buildings, commercial centers, …

  • Structure of underground LED lights

Led underground lights include three main parts:

  • Chip Led: is the most critical component of the lamp, has a direct effect on brightness and longevity. Led underground lights are using the most potent type of luminescent chip today.
  • Lamp body: made of stainless steel material to resist corrosion, pestle, and rust. The lamp body is a solid block of protection against external factors that do not affect the luminaire. The surface is a layer of transparent toughened glass that helps the light to glow; best but still withstand the impact force when stepping through the lights.
  • Power supply: placed in the body of the lamp, making it resistant to moisture, dust.

Benefits of underground led lights

  • Use LED landscape lighting to light the way
  • Ground lights used to light aisles are usually small lamps. Because using lights in these locations does not require too highlighting requirements. Which is mainly for creating contrasting effects.
  • Choose a fire with a suitable capacity to create a light effect on the space. The disease also provides enough light for illumination.
  • Use led landscape lighting to create a highlight for the garden
  • In addition to decorating the walkway, we can also use underground LED lights to create accents for the garden. Using multicolor LED lights, which is the type of light reflecting under the tree. This will create a local highlight for the garden.
  • Negative headlights used to decorate the garden space do not need to high capacity.

Firstly, because the underground LED lights have a high luminescence efficiency, much better than ordinary bulbs. Therefore, it is possible to create the right amount of light to match the bulbs that usually have a larger capacity.The other garden space is often a relaxing entertainment space. So too bright light will create an uncomfortable feeling.

  • It can be seen that using underground LED lights in garden space lighting is a smart choice. This does not help create a unique landscape for the garden at night. Besides, it also helps to save significant energy for your family.
  • LED underground lights also have many different types of light. Depending on your design needs and ideas, you can choose the right, and best led landscape lighting.
  • Refer to the use of garden led lights and the layout of garden LEDs to give ideas for decorating garden space for your home.

The notes when installing Led underground lights to achieve the highest efficiency

  • Installation of a led landscape lighting depends on the wattage of the lamp
  • With the overall indoor lighting system, underground LED lights are mainly used; for decorative purposes, only small power is required. Types of lights that play the role of indoor lighting are ceiling-mounted lamps, such as LED ceiling lights, LED spotlight lights, LED downlight lights, Led panel lights, …
  • The capacity of conventional Led underground lights is from 1-3W. This capacity is suitable to avoid conflicts with; indoor lighting and just enough landscape aesthetics.
  • The arrangement of distances between lamps is also essential. For each area, you should choose a negative light with different capacities.
  • Installation of led underground lights outdoors

Recessed outdoor sound lights ensure an IP65 rating or higher, and you can withstand the harsh weather conditions of the external environment.

  • Reasonable distance when installing the led landscape lighting
  • The mileage between the underground Led lights will vary depending on the area and the capacity of the views the user connects.
  • For example, for indoor lighting systems, 1W underground LED can be used with the distance between the lights from 1.5-2m or more. With outdoor lighting system should use lamps with a capacity of 2-3W, installed along the aisle and the gap between views from 0.5-1m
  • Choose the color of the LED landscape lighting to match the view of the main space

It is also essential to choose the LED landscape lighting to match the illumination of the central system.

  • The indoor lighting system mainly uses white light, and it is also mandatory to use white light. Similarly, with a yellow light system, it is recommended to use yellow light with a lower tone
  • In the garden lighting system, you should consider using led light with ground light; harmonize with the headlights, searchlights, wall lights, … to create an aesthetic for the garden.

In conclusion

Above is the information you need to know about LED underground lights. Besides searching for the best-led landscape lighting, this is also an ideal LED for your living space. Hopefully, the above small notes will help you find the best type of underground Led light suitable for the garden space in your house. 

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