Natuurdag Apeldoorn 2014

Hi guys,

How was your weekend? Mine was filled with a trip to the beautiful city of Lille with my husband. It is so beautiful there and we had a really great time. Didn’t take any pictures though, we were just to busy enjoying ourselves. Oh well 🙂. Another time we really enjoyed ourselves was a few weeks ago when we decided to go for a forest walk. Well that turned out to be the best forestwalk we ever had! I loved every second of it and so did Juliette, my daughter. It was ‘Nature Day’ (Natuurdag) that day in the forest in Apeldoorn (a town in the east of Holland surrounded by beautiful forests, a part of Holland where nature is really being protected and preserved). Our lucky day! And luckily I brought my camera with me. Nature Day was organised by a few nature foundations. It kind of feels like the English countryside on a day like this. And it is such a great way to get connected with everything happening in a forest. You really get to smell, see, feel, hear and taste nature. And what a great way to kick off Autumn. We did a lot of activities that day. A great success if you ask me. And a big thank you for all the lovely people who were there. Everyone was so sweet and enthusiastic. Enjoy it with me in pictures.

Spraypainting pinecones and making jewelry with what nature has got to offer. And don’t you just love the look of this girl?? True countryside style.

Sawing wood with a guy named Ian. What great guy, he really made Juliette and all the other kids feel at home.

Making popcorn!

Making bird food cakes. What a great idea!

Creating art with flowers, little pinecones and other natural decorations.

The little guy, relaxing in his Bugaboo.

Fishing with dad. So simple and they had the best time together. It’s the little things, isn’t it?

Learning how to make fire! 



*Pictures by Jessica van der Liende

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