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As technology develops in rural or urban areas, household objects become indispensable products in any family. However, on the market today, items in the house are manufactured with full sizes, colors, and brands. Besides being able to help users easily choose, its biggest drawback is causing a struggle for users when not knowing which one is suitable for the family.

Understand that concern, before choosing an item to use effectively. You should refer to this article, I will present the principles to choose the smartest home things to support you make the right decision when choosing any product. Are you curious about what those principles are? I don’t take your time anymore. Let’s find out.

Choose houseware that matches the space

Choose houseware that matches the space
Choose houseware that matches the space

When you need to use a certain utility of household products. You should consider the space and area of your house. If you live in a city where the space is quite small, you should not buy a product that is too large and it will be cramped and uncomfortable when you live in the house.

For appliances such as electric cookers, grinders, etc. small objects do not matter much. However, with items such as refrigerators, microwaves, … choosing the size as well as the layout of how to reasonable also need to calculate when purchasing. You should only buy the necessary items and are sized enough to meet your needs.

Choose the right capacity

For any household product, the capacity to use is very important. Depending on each item and the needs of the family. You should carefully read the capacity of the object you want to purchase in the instruction sheet which is given by the manufacturer before buying. At the same time, you should get more advice from technical experts to get the best choice for the product you are choosing.

The choice of capacity helps you save both power consumption during use and just save the cost of buying products because of most of the higher capacity products, the higher the price increases.

Choose enough functions to use

These days, to save on production costs as well as save prices. At the same time meet the needs of users. Manufacturers of home appliances often integrate multiple functions into the same product. That can make human life easier and more convenient. However, precisely because this also wastes the majority of people when using multifunctional household appliances that are not needed.

For example, a rice cooker has many functions such as cooking rice, cooking hot pot, boiling, steaming, frying, stir-frying, keeping warm, stewing, etc. However few people use all of this functionality. Quite wasteful.

And most products with multiple functions often have a lower life expectancy than single-function products. So just buy products that have the functionality you find most needed

Interested in warranty and repair services of the product

Interested in warranty
Interested in warranty

For today’s consumer electronics products, the damage is frequent. Because the production batches are not the same quality. And we can’t handle it when it goes wrong. Therefore, before you buy you need to pay attention to how long their warranty is.

Usually, products with good brand and quality have been warranted for a long time. Because they know the quality of the products they make. In contrast, the counterfeit and poor quality household products are often cheap to attract customers but the quality is quite limited.

Also, be wary of whether or not the appliances you buy have replacement parts. And if there’s a repair shop near where you live or not to give the most timely and correct solutions.

Installation and delivery services

installation and delivery services
installation and delivery services

Most stores have the policy to deliver and install products at home for customers. That saves a lot of effort for users. However, if you purchase in small stores, you need to ask if the service is available. If yes, it will both save shipping costs for you while ensuring safety for your equipment during transportation.

Installation ensures that the product you buy is working well. Also, help you understand how to use when installing and instructing staff. For example, lines like refrigerators or washing machines that are quite large for you to transport yourself. Therefore you need to ask the seller to transport and install for you.

Choose the most necessary household appliances

Before choosing to buy any household items, you should write down a list of the items you find most necessary. That will not only help you decide what you are looking for the most but also help you save money on unnecessary items.

I will give you some suggestions as follows:

If you are a clumsy person or are injured when you enter the kitchen, you should prepare for your family an ambulance box to use in the above cases.

above cases
above cases

f you are a person who is afraid of the dark or your place occasionally lose power. I think you should have the best led flashlight for the family. It is quite useful in this situation.

best led flashlight
best led flashlight

The product is friendly with user

Many people want to save money so they buy for their families poor quality household items. That choice is not exact. These fake products use not only ineffective but also affect the environment. More importantly, it can affect your health. Therefore, you do not purchase a little cheaper items but harm the health of yourself and your family members.

The ability for user safety

Lastly, choose safety items for small children. With this factor, you should pay attention to choose products with safety features such as child lock, oven door with 2-3 layers of heat-resistant glass to help keep the temperature on the outside of the safe range. ability to prevent spills, automatically disconnect when not in operation, signal hot surfaces … to prevent incidents that may occur during use to ensure safety for the family.

Besides kitchen utensils, you should get the best floating shelf for your family. Because it both helps you store your miscellaneous things but also helps your kids to reach and mischief.

The ability for user safety
The ability for user safety

In conclusion

Above are the notes that you need to know when choosing to purchase home items for your family. In my experience, you should buy products that have been used by many people or buy products with famous brands to ensure the best quality. Hopefully, the above information is useful for you and thank you for taking the time to read.

Garden, Home inspiration

The laser level is one of the factors that brings human’s life various of advantages and boost our life become much easier nowadays. With the diversity of types and applications, the laser level can show us a lot of useful functions that we can apply for our jobs day by day. It can be said that the outdoor laser level has so many advantages that we should consider selecting one of them to work with. There are a lot of prominent characteristics os the outdoor laser level that are important discussions of many people. Because this tool consists of a lot noticeable features that make it become unique and famous. So let be with me to explore some noticeable features of the outdoor laser level in this article today.

The outdoor laser level

Outdoor laser
Outdoor laser

Generally, the outdoor laser level has extensive work efficiency in the building construction, decorative interior and house, designing interior, and other works in our life. The difference between the outdoor laser level and indoor laser level is that the outdoor laser level can work in both outside and inside. So the outdoor laser level is more convenient to use than the indoor laser level. That is because the indoor laser level is only suitable for indoor works like houses.

The noticeable features of the outside laser level

  • The outdoor laser level has a special structure. As I mentioned before, the outside laser level is designed with a tiny and compact form that make this tool very convenient to use and move during working. Moreover, the outdoor laser level is very durable for a long period because this device is made of good materials including good plastic and good aluminum. We can use it for many times in a day without worrying about broken or not getting work efficiency. This tool can still work effectively all day for the workers. Besides, this device is also very safe for anybody to use and work. When we know the usage of the outdoor laser level, we can use it easier and quicker for a lot of different purposes.That is some advantageous characteristics of the outdoor laser level that I would like to share.
  • The outdoor laser level is equipped 2 modes including light ray and dark ray. That helps the outdoor laser level can work in different working environments from outdoor to indoor. So we can do different works that need the help of the outdoor laser level. When we work in the outdoor working environment, we can save a lot of power and money. Moreover, we can use directly the outdoor laser level so we do not need hire the workers to do measuring work.
  • The outdoor laser level can use 220V power directly through the usb charging cable. Another way for us when using this tool is that we can use a battery to work with the outdoor laser level.
  • The outdoor laser level can not only give us the best work efficiency but also the best accuracy in the working process. The outdoor laser level can work in wide range in both outdoors and indoors. Its maximum working range is 30m.
  • The outdoor laser level has auto-balance mode including gravity balance and self-damping. The outdoor laser level is known as one of the most important machines that is believed to use by the consumers on the market nowadays. This device appears in most of store in many countries in the world. People see the benefits from using this tool and choose to buy it for their works.
  • The outdoor laser level has the laser with a wavelength of 512 mn making the laser line stronger than normal red rays. So it is very convenient and clear for us during the measuring process.
  • The outdoor laser level’s adjustment mechanism: we can easy to adjust the laser, 360 degrees rotation, stable, flexible, and can accurately identify the target.
  • The outdoor laser level has a full set of rugged and durable case. That helps us can bring the outdoor laser level easily in many places in which we need to use it.

In conclusion

The outdoor laser level is always beneficial for a lot of purposes. With many special features, the outdoor laser level can help us have an easier life with our works. The best laser level for money is one of the important factors of this tool because we can use this tool for a long period to save money and power.


My goodness, what a fabulous weekend we had. It was filled with breakfast in bed, presents, Valentine, family quality time, good food (made Jamie Oliver’s Green curry version ‘when he was the ‘Naked chef’ ‘, LOVED it) and gardening. And gardening is what we did today! Thougt I’d share some pictures with you of the process. It is coming along nicely! The hubs and I made a plan to remove the little grass patch (it never stays green, dies every year and we never really use it anyway) and expand our veggie garden! Yeah!

The sun was out and it actually felt like a cold but sunny Spring day. Fabulous. So we rolled up our sleeves and got to work. I have to tell you that the hubs is a committed gardener. And I really enjoy it when we work together on a plan. We go through magazines, rip out pages we like, make moodboards, talk about it. But the garden really is his project though. I do the interior, he does the exterior 🙂. And we help eachother out. A good team, me and the hubs!

We bought this little scientist box in Switzerland last summer. A success ever since…. ants, spiders, worms…

Our young but enthusiast gardener. If it has got anything to do with exploring and learning, she is in.

You can buy this pretty sign at Dille & Kamille.

Meet our own little scarecrow. He looks too friendly doesn’t he? Juliette’s exact words were: He doesn’t look scary at all mom. Oh well. Never made a scarecrow in my life, let’s see how it goes!

Have a good week lovelies!

x Jessica

*Pictures by me


This season has so many beautiful moments. And one of them, to me, is picking the apples from our apple tree in our backyard. This tree had a very good year and the apples are delicious this year! They are also bigger, juicier and in much better condition than last year and the year before that. And to our surprise, we got to pick them a little earlier than we usually do!

The kids loved to help. It’s pretty amazing for them, and even for us, to have your own apple tree 🙂. I still think it’s quite magical.

Happy Appleseason everyone!

X Jessica

*Pictures by Jessica van der Liende