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Impressive Studio Makeover by Avenue Lifestyle

I think it was autumn 2013 that I contacted Holly Marder of Avenue Lifestyle. At the time I really wanted to learn more about styling and interior photography. I just had a baby, sweet Joshua, I had no job and the thought of just mothering at home, day in and day out, was well, a bit boring. I needed to do something else as well. So I contacted Holly Marder to see if I could assist this very very talented lady once in a while. Her style was really appealing to me, still is! We got in touch, we met in Delft and 1,5 years later I can look back on a few fun assisting-jobs. I have learned so much from Holly already and it is one special hard working ambitious girl! I really envy the way she does it all!  Along the way my life or rather I, took a different turn. And so assisting Holly is no longer an option for me, time is not on my hands! But I still follow her work closely.

And now she has this GORGEOUS studio! Oh.my.god. I knew she had plans, I knew what kind of plans but the way it turned out, WOW. Stunning, just stunning. And she shared it on her beautiful blog! Yeah, lucky us! I think my eyes just fell out of their sockets when I saw the pictures. The whole look is so relaxed and serene. You just wantto be there. A little paradise, where beauty and work just blend into one. A place where work isn’t work, it is a passion.

It is the tiny things or rather the details that appeal to me, like the layered rugs, the stacked books underneath that very pretty sidetable (an Ikea cabinet with doors, top and brass handles by Superfront) the illustration of a light bulb next to her desk, the combination of plants and terracotta pots. But of course also the color palette – a kind of earthy serenity- the vintage Thonet chaire -l.o.v.e.-, the hanging planters and the painting!

I have visited her studio when it was still a work in progress and I already loved it so much. It’s bright, it’s spacious. And what a great idea to use the attic like that. The way Holly styles everything so carefully. She knows what kind of result she wants to see and carefully puts everything together. I admire her for that. Her moodboard really becomes reality.

Go visit her blog quickly and see the full scoop of this amazing studio makeover. And in case you missed another beautiful makeover, her bedroom makeover, you can find it here. That was equally amazing.

It’s stylists like Holly that inspire me. Her style is refined, original, genuine and classy. Maybe it looks super simple, but really it’s not. It’s a talent, a precious talent. Lucky girl Holly!



Photography and Styling by Holly Marder of Avenue Lifestyle

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