Feeling under the weather/ new job/ new blog

What a week it has been. Or what a weird month already. The house is filled with germs and everybody has been feeling a bit under the weather in here. So we are taking it easy. Or we try to anyway. Work goes on though. I have started a new job, every excited. It means I will be working four days a week now. And that is going to be tough, especially in the beginning. I miss my babies and my home. My freedom! But honestly, I think it is time. Juliette is going to school now, Joshua is really enjoying his daycare, they are both happy. And I need my time, I need to be someone else as well, other than mom. And that feels good to me. I am not ready yet to let it all go. I really wanted to be a fulltime property stylist, I love the thought of that. Styling is my passion, but having a job right now, a steady job I mean is really comforting! We needed it and I need it. And yes, I’ll miss the kids terribly and my ‘old’ life. But when I was a ‘stay-at-home’ mom, I missed my ‘old’ life, which was a ‘working-mom’ life. So there ya go, life is funny that way. I am taking it one or two little steps at a time. It’s the only way, isn’t it? 🙂

And I have some news! Because I am NOT letting property styling go, no way! No, I am simply changing things around right now. will be my more personal blog, with everything that you are used to and a bit more personal material. And since I am taking my study to become a certified Property Stylist more seriously right now, I have started a new blog. This will be my more ‘professional blog‘. Where I show you my portfolio, share my view on Property Styling. So have a look!

My two blogs are really my way of sharing stuff that gets me, sharing things that make me ME. And yes I am still constantly looking for the best way that works for me. Because I love interior design, I love my kids and my family life, I love pretty things. And I am still in the process of searching and trying. Trial and error. And I love it. But I came to the conclusion that one can only do so much. So you know what? This is my way! This is Costello Decorating.



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