Once upon a time…Chateau de Gudanes

Once upon a time, a long time ago, when the internet wasn’t even a word and cellphones weren’t a thing of the future but just non-existent, a beautiful chateau was built on a ledge overlooking the Midi- Pyrénées, en route to Plateau de Baille, in the south of France in the small village of Chateau-Verdun. I am talking about Chateau de Gudanes. A magical place…

For quite a while now I am a follower of the Instagram account of this gorgeous chateau. And every single time these pictures knocked me of my feet. Every single picture looks like a fairytale. This is what I always wanted to do: restore an old castle and either live in it or open it up to the public, or both. It’s a dream and it will probably always be a dream. But Australian couple Craig and Karina Waters did it. They purchased Chateau de Gudanes and began with restoring this gem in November 2013.

Ofcourse I can tell you all about this place but the Chateau has a beautiful website that keeps every Chateau de Gudanes fan updated. Everything you want to know is on their site. Please have a look, it is such a journey! All I want to do is share this stunning place with you. To let you know it is there. Because I am completey blown away by the grandeur, even if this is still a work in progress. It’s like the past is still present. As if no one ever left. Beautiful and stunning and a big applause for this couple for taking on a HUGE project like this. It is actually more than a project, it’s a lifework. Castles like this deserve a second chance, third chance, fourth chance. Who cares, they should flourish again!

I feel like a child in a candystore just by looking at the pictures. There is so much history attached to this castle. And even if it looks like a ‘mess’ I still think it is so beautiful. All that chipped paintwork, old exposed beams painted in the most gorgeous colors, amazing old details in the woodwork, walls, ceilings and doors. It just really makes me fantasize about who lived here, who were these people, what happened there and how did they live? I get really nostalgic thinking about it and hope to visit Chateau de Gudanes one day! For those of you who love history as much as I do, you are gonna love this little piece of history.

Have a look at these beautiful, stunning pictures. It’s a fairytale isn’t it, this beautiful Chateau de Gudanes. If only the walls could talk……



*All pictures by Chateau de Gudanes, the Instagram account of Chateau de Gudanes and Carla Coulson: http://carlacoulson.com/. Thank you for letting me share these stunning pictures!

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