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Creating kids paradise: chalkboard painted wall

Hi all,

I have two kids. Juliette is almost four years old and Joshua is 15 months old. They both love being busy with ‘reading books’, drawing and making puzzles. We had this small Ikea table but it turned out to be a little too small for two kids. The wall where the table stood is about 150 cm wide. For a while now I had in mind to either buy or make a longer table of scaffolding wood so the kids have enough space for themselves to play. So I carefully informed my husband about my idea and a few weeks later he made this perfect scaffolding wood table for the kids! It is just as wide as the wall and it is just perfect.

And then I had another idea. A chalkboard painted the wall! I’ve been meaning to have a wall like that for ages but never got round to actually painting it. A few weeks back I decided it was time to give the kids their perfect ‘desk space’. And so with chalkboard paint by HEMA the hubs turned the boring white wall into kids’ (and mommy’s) paradise. I am so happy and it is so perfect when you have creative kids! On rainy days, just give them some chalk and let them do their thing….on a wall! And this HEMA paint is perfect. I choose the grey version as it so just a bit softer than black. Be patient for a week after painting, it needs to dry well and adjust, but after a week you can wipe the wall clean with a wet cloth and draw as much as you like. I am one happy girl and so is Juliette. It just looks really sturdy, the combination of scaffolding wood and the grey wall.

To give you an idea of what it looks like at our place I did a little shoot with a few cute Hema props. As you might have noticed already, I am a huge Hema fan. So this is also a little tribute to Hema 🙂. Whom I am very grateful for sponsoring my wall!

What do you think?

X Jessica

*Pictures and styling by Jessica van der Liende

** The storage bag, stamps, pencils, drawingbook, grey desk light and chalkboardpaint is all by HEMA.

*** The green army storage box is by Combitex.

**** Kids desk made by my lovely hubs 🙂

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