Led landscape lighting is one of the lights that can both light and decorate effectively. Typically in the space using LED lighting landscape is garden and walkway. Depending on the design idea of ​​the building, people will use landscape lighting LEDs to decorate the garden differently. Among the landscape lighting LEDs currently, underground lights are a new application in lighting that has been gaining popularity recently. Lights are installed underground sound with vibrant colors, creating accents for the surrounding landscape.

Features and structure of underground LED lights

  • What is an underground LED?

Led ground lights are installed for decorative purposes, not lighting, so the suitable power is from 1 – 3W. The sun is used for underwater installation both indoors; and outdoors should be at least 65 to withstand; many external influences such as water, dust, humidity, … Lights are very diverse in view, and color should be applied more in; art lighting of public works, entertainment areas, garden villas, buildings, commercial centers, …

  • Structure of underground LED lights

Led underground lights include three main parts:

  • Chip Led: is the most critical component of the lamp, has a direct effect on brightness and longevity. Led underground lights are using the most potent type of luminescent chip today.
  • Lamp body: made of stainless steel material to resist corrosion, pestle, and rust. The lamp body is a solid block of protection against external factors that do not affect the luminaire. The surface is a layer of transparent toughened glass that helps the light to glow; best but still withstand the impact force when stepping through the lights.
  • Power supply: placed in the body of the lamp, making it resistant to moisture, dust.

Benefits of underground led lights

  • Use LED landscape lighting to light the way
  • Ground lights used to light aisles are usually small lamps. Because using lights in these locations does not require too highlighting requirements. Which is mainly for creating contrasting effects.
  • Choose a fire with a suitable capacity to create a light effect on the space. The disease also provides enough light for illumination.
  • Use led landscape lighting to create a highlight for the garden
  • In addition to decorating the walkway, we can also use underground LED lights to create accents for the garden. Using multicolor LED lights, which is the type of light reflecting under the tree. This will create a local highlight for the garden.
  • Negative headlights used to decorate the garden space do not need to high capacity.

Firstly, because the underground LED lights have a high luminescence efficiency, much better than ordinary bulbs. Therefore, it is possible to create the right amount of light to match the bulbs that usually have a larger capacity.The other garden space is often a relaxing entertainment space. So too bright light will create an uncomfortable feeling.

  • It can be seen that using underground LED lights in garden space lighting is a smart choice. This does not help create a unique landscape for the garden at night. Besides, it also helps to save significant energy for your family.
  • LED underground lights also have many different types of light. Depending on your design needs and ideas, you can choose the right, and best led landscape lighting.
  • Refer to the use of garden led lights and the layout of garden LEDs to give ideas for decorating garden space for your home.

The notes when installing Led underground lights to achieve the highest efficiency

  • Installation of a led landscape lighting depends on the wattage of the lamp
  • With the overall indoor lighting system, underground LED lights are mainly used; for decorative purposes, only small power is required. Types of lights that play the role of indoor lighting are ceiling-mounted lamps, such as LED ceiling lights, LED spotlight lights, LED downlight lights, Led panel lights, …
  • The capacity of conventional Led underground lights is from 1-3W. This capacity is suitable to avoid conflicts with; indoor lighting and just enough landscape aesthetics.
  • The arrangement of distances between lamps is also essential. For each area, you should choose a negative light with different capacities.
  • Installation of led underground lights outdoors

Recessed outdoor sound lights ensure an IP65 rating or higher, and you can withstand the harsh weather conditions of the external environment.

  • Reasonable distance when installing the led landscape lighting
  • The mileage between the underground Led lights will vary depending on the area and the capacity of the views the user connects.
  • For example, for indoor lighting systems, 1W underground LED can be used with the distance between the lights from 1.5-2m or more. With outdoor lighting system should use lamps with a capacity of 2-3W, installed along the aisle and the gap between views from 0.5-1m
  • Choose the color of the LED landscape lighting to match the view of the main space

It is also essential to choose the LED landscape lighting to match the illumination of the central system.

  • The indoor lighting system mainly uses white light, and it is also mandatory to use white light. Similarly, with a yellow light system, it is recommended to use yellow light with a lower tone
  • In the garden lighting system, you should consider using led light with ground light; harmonize with the headlights, searchlights, wall lights, … to create an aesthetic for the garden.

In conclusion

Above is the information you need to know about LED underground lights. Besides searching for the best-led landscape lighting, this is also an ideal LED for your living space. Hopefully, the above small notes will help you find the best type of underground Led light suitable for the garden space in your house. 


In construction, determining the distance, short length of materials, construction works is essential. Previously the measurement of results was often inaccurate due to the use of some necessary equipment, now thanks to the invention of the rangefinder technology used to measure some distance from one point to another the right way quickly with a deficient error. Thanks to the application of technological advances, human technology has researched and invented several modern devices to serve the desires of everyone, including the laser measuring tool. In today’s article, I will show you the importance of a laser measuring tool. Let’s find out now.

Common types of laser measuring tools

Laser distance meters are often used as convenient handheld devices or larger computers used to measure long distances. Depending on the product with different brands and structures, the price is also different, suitable for each user’s use and shopping conditions.

Currently, the brand of quality laser distance meter can be included Bosch, Topcon, Leica, … All brands have their types of structural design machines to help people perform different functions efficiently.

Main feature

Convenient and compact laser measuring tool with features like:

Direct measurement of regular length and distance. Besides, it can deliver many other services such as calculating area, calculating volume, accumulating measurement values, except measurement values, indirect measurement Pythagoras, measuring continuous distance, measuring distance Min / Max, measuring distance divided, … extremely convenient, helping users do not waste much time calculating.

Save up to 50 measurement results, measurement timer, self-adjusting milestones by versatile machine tail plate to limit errors, disconnect after a period of not used to save battery …

The meter is fast, simple, and the tester can do it alone, saving time and effort, and can mount a tripod to measure more distances.

Field of use

With the above advantages, the laser measuring tool is currently widely used in many fields, including the typical applications as follows:

  • Construction: Measurement survey, construction supervision, size, area, floor, ceiling, wall volume, pile depth measurement, …
  • Furniture: Dimension measurement, survey, positioning, and installation of furniture.
  • Electricity and water: Measure, calculate the number of wires, pipes, calculate the location of the outlet, electrical equipment, cables, …
  • Carpentry: Measure the height of the door, wall, … to be able to calculate the amount of wood needed.

Importance of distance measuring devices

Laser measuring tools have a particularly important role in life, especially in the field of development, to determine the fastest distance measurements. This type of laser measuring tool is prevalent in the industry, especially the indispensable construction industry for accurate geodetic measurement. Also, it is used for electrical production, carpenters, locksmiths, …

Previously, construction engineers spent a lot of time measuring, adjusting the size with a tape measure, rudimentary tools, but now with a handheld distance meter, all things become extremely simple. Laser distance meter provides real laser light (does not produce sound) for the most accurate measurement. With this device, you need to stand still and point the laser to the point that you need to measure; the measurement results will appear on the LCD screen as quickly as possible. All measurement calculations are operated rapidly directly through the keys, display of the ruler. Moreover, you can store many measurement results to serve later.

A handheld laser measuring tool is used to determine the distance of contact space or object by way of a laser. With this device, it is possible to identify vast distances within 1 kilometer and to accumulate independently to calculate the surface and the volume to be calculated. Using handheld distance meters, construction engineers will save measurement time and geology to help reduce labor costs but still bring productivity.

For the rangefinder to work correctly, construction engineers should pay attention to the following:

  • Firstly, you should choose to buy a distance meter of famous brands from reputable suppliers.
  • Secondly, when using a laser measuring tool, you do not arbitrarily change the performance of the laser equipment if intentional changes will cause dangerous laser radiation.
  • Third, during the measurement, you must not look at the light emitted from the laser or look directly at the optical instruments to avoid affecting the eyes.
  • Fourth, it bothers me when you don’t direct the laser on people or animals.
  • Fifth, you remove the battery from the meter when not in use for a long time if it has not been used for a long time, it must be checked before use.
  • Sixthly, when the device is showing low power, it is necessary to replace the battery to ensure the accuracy of the equipment.

In conclusion

There are many views on the use of laser distance meters. However, many people still do not fully understand its importance in work as well as life. Above, we have learned the areas that need a laser distance meter, as well as the importance of its application. Hopefully, after this article, you will find yourself the best laser measuring tool to use them to help you with your work.

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Technology is growing, and measuring devices are also increasing day by day to bring about the best efficiency, serving the needs of people. One of the most commonly used measuring instruments today is digital caliper. This caliper is known for its high accuracy and is also easy to use. In this article, I will show you more specific information about these types of calipers as well as guide you on how to apply, preserve it in the best way, to bring the highest efficiency.

digital caliper
digital caliper

What is a digital caliper or electronic vernier caliper?

An electronic caliper is a measuring tool used in many manufacturing industries such as mechanics, woodwork, plastic, aluminum, and glass, etc.

This tool is used to measure dimensions such as the length and width of a cylindrical or square part or measure the inner diameter, outside diameter, and depth of objects.

Digital calipers, also are known as electronic calipers; the accuracy of this measuring instrument is considered to be relatively high.


  • The digital calipers can measure the outer dimensions, internal dimensions, and depth of objects.
  • The measuring range of the vernier scale is quite broad, and the accuracy is relatively high.
  • The price of the calipers is relatively low and sold on the market.
  • The electronic vernier caliper is easily usable due to its reasonably simple usage.



The structure of a digital caliper consists of the following parts:

  • External measuring face
  • Internal measurement surface
  • Level measurement surface
  • Screw brakes
  • LCD screen
  • Depth gauge
  • Main measure
  • Body size
  • Battery compartment
  • Point setting button 0
  • The power button is off
  • The switch for units in inches and meters
  • Original zero setting button “0.”
  • Roller
  • Cable connection port

User manual

1. Prepare to measure

For the object to be measured: dry and clean the surface of the object to be measured.

For electronic caliper:

  • Loosen locking screws of the caliper.
  • Jaws clamping of the digital calipers include in jaws clamping on the right, clamping jaws on the left; the lower right maxilla, the lower-left mandible of the caliper should be dry and clean.
  • Next, slide the clamping jaw of the calipers fully closed, then press the ON button to clamp.
  • Clean the clamping function until the meter shows 0; if the meter shows 0, then measurement can be made.
  • Check the LCD screen and all the buttons on the caliper by moving the slider.

2. Proceed to measurement

  • For external dimensions:

Step 1: Place the lower jaw of the calipers on the outside of the object to be measured.

Step 2: Perform a slight sliding so that both of the lower clamping jaws grip the outer surface of the object to be measured.

Step 3: Read the measurement results shown on the LCD screen. The number displayed on the screen is the size of the object to be measured.

  • For measuring internal dimensions: it is performed in the same way as measuring external dimensions; however, the clamping jaw is used only with the upper jaw of the ruler.

Step 1: First, insert the upper jaw into the inside of the object to be measured.

Step 2: Make sliding so that the clamping jaw is opened until it entirely fits inside of the object to be measured.

Step 3: Read the number displayed on the screen. This number is the size of the object to be measured.

  • For step measurement:

Step 1: Place the object to be measured on a hard and flat surface.

Step 2: Proceed to place the tip of the calipers on the plane. When laying, ensure that the measurement steps are perpendicular to the plane.

Step 3: The measurement result is the number displayed on the screen, read this number, and we will get the size of the object to be measured.

  • For depth measurements:

Step 1: Move the ruler slider to bring the depth gauge to the object to be measured. Must be perpendicular to the inside of the purpose to be measured.

Step 2: Proceed to move the slider gently until it touches the fixed surface of the object to be measured.

Step 3: The measurement result is the number displayed on the screen, read this number, and we will get the size of the object to be measured.

Caution when preserving and using digital calipers


  • Do not place the electronic caliper in water or allow other liquids to spill on the caliper.
  • Do not make incisions or substantial impacts on the caliper.
  • Keep the digital caliper carefully, do not let the caliper fall from above, avoid the ruler from being hit and may damage or affect the measurement results.
  • Do not expose the ruler to direct sunlight.

2. Note when using

  • When you are finished using it, press OFF to turn off the power.
  • Remove the battery from the device if not in use for a long time.
  • If the screen has abnormal displays, then you need to check the battery. If the battery runs out, replace the battery. If the battery remains, proceed to clean the dirt on the ruler.
  • If the battery door is exposed to water, open it immediately and blow inwards at a temperature not exceeding 40 ° C until it dries.

In conclusion

In this article, I have provided you all the information about digital calipers as well as how to use them to get the most accurate results. Hopefully, this will help your work and study with regards to electronic calipers or digital calipers

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As technology develops in rural or urban areas, household objects become indispensable products in any family. However, on the market today, items in the house are manufactured with full sizes, colors, and brands. Besides being able to help users easily choose, its biggest drawback is causing a struggle for users when not knowing which one is suitable for the family.

Understand that concern, before choosing an item to use effectively. You should refer to this article, I will present the principles to choose the smartest home things to support you make the right decision when choosing any product. Are you curious about what those principles are? I don’t take your time anymore. Let’s find out.

Choose houseware that matches the space

Choose houseware that matches the space
Choose houseware that matches the space

When you need to use a certain utility of household products. You should consider the space and area of your house. If you live in a city where the space is quite small, you should not buy a product that is too large and it will be cramped and uncomfortable when you live in the house.

For appliances such as electric cookers, grinders, etc. small objects do not matter much. However, with items such as refrigerators, microwaves, … choosing the size as well as the layout of how to reasonable also need to calculate when purchasing. You should only buy the necessary items and are sized enough to meet your needs.

Choose the right capacity

For any household product, the capacity to use is very important. Depending on each item and the needs of the family. You should carefully read the capacity of the object you want to purchase in the instruction sheet which is given by the manufacturer before buying. At the same time, you should get more advice from technical experts to get the best choice for the product you are choosing.

The choice of capacity helps you save both power consumption during use and just save the cost of buying products because of most of the higher capacity products, the higher the price increases.

Choose enough functions to use

These days, to save on production costs as well as save prices. At the same time meet the needs of users. Manufacturers of home appliances often integrate multiple functions into the same product. That can make human life easier and more convenient. However, precisely because this also wastes the majority of people when using multifunctional household appliances that are not needed.

For example, a rice cooker has many functions such as cooking rice, cooking hot pot, boiling, steaming, frying, stir-frying, keeping warm, stewing, etc. However few people use all of this functionality. Quite wasteful.

And most products with multiple functions often have a lower life expectancy than single-function products. So just buy products that have the functionality you find most needed

Interested in warranty and repair services of the product

Interested in warranty
Interested in warranty

For today’s consumer electronics products, the damage is frequent. Because the production batches are not the same quality. And we can’t handle it when it goes wrong. Therefore, before you buy you need to pay attention to how long their warranty is.

Usually, products with good brand and quality have been warranted for a long time. Because they know the quality of the products they make. In contrast, the counterfeit and poor quality household products are often cheap to attract customers but the quality is quite limited.

Also, be wary of whether or not the appliances you buy have replacement parts. And if there’s a repair shop near where you live or not to give the most timely and correct solutions.

Installation and delivery services

installation and delivery services
installation and delivery services

Most stores have the policy to deliver and install products at home for customers. That saves a lot of effort for users. However, if you purchase in small stores, you need to ask if the service is available. If yes, it will both save shipping costs for you while ensuring safety for your equipment during transportation.

Installation ensures that the product you buy is working well. Also, help you understand how to use when installing and instructing staff. For example, lines like refrigerators or washing machines that are quite large for you to transport yourself. Therefore you need to ask the seller to transport and install for you.

Choose the most necessary household appliances

Before choosing to buy any household items, you should write down a list of the items you find most necessary. That will not only help you decide what you are looking for the most but also help you save money on unnecessary items.

I will give you some suggestions as follows:

If you are a clumsy person or are injured when you enter the kitchen, you should prepare for your family an ambulance box to use in the above cases.

above cases
above cases

f you are a person who is afraid of the dark or your place occasionally lose power. I think you should have the best led flashlight for the family. It is quite useful in this situation.

best led flashlight
best led flashlight

The product is friendly with user

Many people want to save money so they buy for their families poor quality household items. That choice is not exact. These fake products use not only ineffective but also affect the environment. More importantly, it can affect your health. Therefore, you do not purchase a little cheaper items but harm the health of yourself and your family members.

The ability for user safety

Lastly, choose safety items for small children. With this factor, you should pay attention to choose products with safety features such as child lock, oven door with 2-3 layers of heat-resistant glass to help keep the temperature on the outside of the safe range. ability to prevent spills, automatically disconnect when not in operation, signal hot surfaces … to prevent incidents that may occur during use to ensure safety for the family.

Besides kitchen utensils, you should get the best floating shelf for your family. Because it both helps you store your miscellaneous things but also helps your kids to reach and mischief.

The ability for user safety
The ability for user safety

In conclusion

Above are the notes that you need to know when choosing to purchase home items for your family. In my experience, you should buy products that have been used by many people or buy products with famous brands to ensure the best quality. Hopefully, the above information is useful for you and thank you for taking the time to read.

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The laser level is one of the factors that brings human’s life various of advantages and boost our life become much easier nowadays. With the diversity of types and applications, the laser level can show us a lot of useful functions that we can apply for our jobs day by day. It can be said that the outdoor laser level has so many advantages that we should consider selecting one of them to work with. There are a lot of prominent characteristics os the outdoor laser level that are important discussions of many people. Because this tool consists of a lot noticeable features that make it become unique and famous. So let be with me to explore some noticeable features of the outdoor laser level in this article today.

The outdoor laser level

Outdoor laser
Outdoor laser

Generally, the outdoor laser level has extensive work efficiency in the building construction, decorative interior and house, designing interior, and other works in our life. The difference between the outdoor laser level and indoor laser level is that the outdoor laser level can work in both outside and inside. So the outdoor laser level is more convenient to use than the indoor laser level. That is because the indoor laser level is only suitable for indoor works like houses.

The noticeable features of the outside laser level

  • The outdoor laser level has a special structure. As I mentioned before, the outside laser level is designed with a tiny and compact form that make this tool very convenient to use and move during working. Moreover, the outdoor laser level is very durable for a long period because this device is made of good materials including good plastic and good aluminum. We can use it for many times in a day without worrying about broken or not getting work efficiency. This tool can still work effectively all day for the workers. Besides, this device is also very safe for anybody to use and work. When we know the usage of the outdoor laser level, we can use it easier and quicker for a lot of different purposes.That is some advantageous characteristics of the outdoor laser level that I would like to share.
  • The outdoor laser level is equipped 2 modes including light ray and dark ray. That helps the outdoor laser level can work in different working environments from outdoor to indoor. So we can do different works that need the help of the outdoor laser level. When we work in the outdoor working environment, we can save a lot of power and money. Moreover, we can use directly the outdoor laser level so we do not need hire the workers to do measuring work.
  • The outdoor laser level can use 220V power directly through the usb charging cable. Another way for us when using this tool is that we can use a battery to work with the outdoor laser level.
  • The outdoor laser level can not only give us the best work efficiency but also the best accuracy in the working process. The outdoor laser level can work in wide range in both outdoors and indoors. Its maximum working range is 30m.
  • The outdoor laser level has auto-balance mode including gravity balance and self-damping. The outdoor laser level is known as one of the most important machines that is believed to use by the consumers on the market nowadays. This device appears in most of store in many countries in the world. People see the benefits from using this tool and choose to buy it for their works.
  • The outdoor laser level has the laser with a wavelength of 512 mn making the laser line stronger than normal red rays. So it is very convenient and clear for us during the measuring process.
  • The outdoor laser level’s adjustment mechanism: we can easy to adjust the laser, 360 degrees rotation, stable, flexible, and can accurately identify the target.
  • The outdoor laser level has a full set of rugged and durable case. That helps us can bring the outdoor laser level easily in many places in which we need to use it.

In conclusion

The outdoor laser level is always beneficial for a lot of purposes. With many special features, the outdoor laser level can help us have an easier life with our works. The best laser level for money is one of the important factors of this tool because we can use this tool for a long period to save money and power.


A wood planer is a powerful product used to assist workers in wood production and processing. It is the impact of the portable wood planer that enhances the value of the finished product, smoothing the surface for easier fabrication. Most wood planing devices are made of articulated shafts connected to the blade in a forward motion, which leads to that only one damaged part will make the other parts unable to work.

Some customers look at a wood planer and think it’s simple to use. But they are wrong. If you do not study and practice hard, you will not know how to use it correctly and effectively but also endanger you.

Therefore, here are 6 tips when using the best wood planer to ensure safety and make your wood planning process more efficient and accurate. Let’s find out!

Thickness Planner
Thickness Planner

Check the sharpness of the blade before you start using it

If you want good results in your productivity, the blade of your wood planer (also known as a knife) needs to be sharp and firm. You must check before each use. Because after each planing, the machine will be blunted quickly on the edges even if you just sharpened the day before.

In some cases, you can sharpen knives while they are still in the planer. In other cases, you will need to remove them from the machine and re-grind. Worst case, you have to replace the new one, if the blade is too blunt. Check your user manual for instructions.

Note: If you need to replace a knife, make sure you replace all of them at once. Because, if some are sharp and others are blunt, you will get an uneven wood shaving result.

And if you need to remove the knife to sharpen them, be careful not to remove too many other parts of the machine. Because it is difficult to reinstall in the correct position.

Make sure your Planner knife is aligned correctly

Most hand-held planers will use a pair of knives to scrape the wood. Accordingly, the reason is that if they are not aligned with each other, you will not achieve the best planing results. Therefore, check the balance of the blade before use to reach high productivity at work and avoid wasting time to readjust.

Always planing in the direction of the wood grain

Remember to always plan the wood in the same direction as the wood grain. It is easy to see how to do this but many users often forget. The grain is a series of lines on the surface of the wood. If you plan in the same direction as the wood grain, you will go straight and go very far. That helps you plan faster and more beautiful.

However, if you try to plan the wood, not in the direction of the wood grain, you will find that the machine is stuck. It will tear through the wooden board and leave an ugly, jagged edge that will damage the panel.

Note: However, there are exceptions. There are several types of wood with particles running in many directions. In those cases, you will need to work carefully and use a very sharp blade.

Thin passes repeatedly are better than deeper passes

Most planers allow you to adjust the depth into the wood.  For example, electric handheld planers often offer a variety of settings – called ‘active stops.” The maximum depth varies with each level.

As I observe, for thin planing, although there is a lot of small wood chips and longer process, it does not damage the panel. On the contrary, you want to do it faster by shaving once more deeply. It led to the wooden plane appears many large cuts extremely unattractive.

For both of these reasons, it’s much better to use iterations in shallower settings.

Always collect dust after use

Gathering dust when you are not using it will give you less resistance when you operate later. And that means less chance of slipping or tearing.

If you use a manual planer, this can be as simple as blowing away sawdust when you are with you. But if you already have a planer, you will have other options. Many handheld planers will come with their dust bag. However, these are usually small and need to be cleaned up regularly.

A better solution might be to connect the store’s vacuum cleaner to the planer’s dust exhaust. That will keep the wood dust moving out of the machine, and avoid any problems with congestion.

Use the right tools for the job

There are many different wood planers, and they will work better or worse for different functions. For instance, if you need to plan the edge of a table, you use the best thickness planer, which is not appropriate. It will ruin your desk. Therefore, please consider carefully the needs and purposes to choose the appropriate planing machine.

In conclusion

We hope you have enjoyed our top six tips for achieving great results when using a wood planer. Make sure your device is in good condition, and take time for proper preparation. Follow these suggestions, and you’ll save time and the funds for replacing damaged boards will be gone.

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You use a moisture meter to measure humidity for wood, soil, hay, drywall, or any other specific material. That meter will return the reading of the results on the calibrated scale for that material.

Using a calibrated humidity testing tool for each material is extremely important. That is why there are so many different types of meters available on the market today. Because to provide a reading for a particular material (like wood, hay or drywall) allows you to get the most accurate reading or quantification of moisture (% MC) of that material.

Therefore, What is the humidity reference scale? How important is it? How does it work? And, how can you use it? Let’s find out through this article.

What is the moisture meter reference scale

The term reference scale of the scale is applied for moisture meter reading mode in which the machine will give qualitative moisture results of the material. These qualitative moisture readings are displayed as numeric values that users can then use to estimate whether the material is wet or dry.
It is essential to note that the numbers used in the reference scale do not represent a specific percentage of humidity. Instead, measurements in the reference scale are used as a relative predictive indicator of material moisture. A specific example, If your meter has a reference scale installed. After you measure the moisture, it will give the result in a number such as 20. That number is not a percentage of damp, it only shows that the relative humidity is low.
The great benefit of a reference set is that you can get a general idea of the moisture content of different materials at all types of meters without having to equip a specific reading scale.

How to read the reference scale results

One of the best ways to use a reference ratio meter is to take readings from a sample of dry and unaffected material. From there, you’ll know to compare the measurement results of that completely dry object with those of subsequent materials. To identify whether the material is dry or wet. For example, if your dry material (for example, wood) displays 30 on a scale of 0-100 and another sample of the same material gives a result of 50. That proves that the second piece of material is moist and you need to store it immediately.

Note: However, there is one more note. The results of the reference scale cannot be entirely accurate. It also relies on many other factors such as the environment, weather or workspace. Therefore, you should measure several times in many different spaces to get the most accurate results.
Another way to use the reference scale is to quickly notify “wet” or “dry” for materials. On some meters that set the reference mode, the screen indicates the color of the humidity. The color results display:

Green: This color shows relatively low humidity.

Yellow: This color indicates the moisture content of the material that may be at risk and should be checked by a specialized meter or some other precise method.

Red: This color shows very high humidity – the item is severely waterlogged.
Although these are qualitative and not quantitative humidity indicators, the response of the measure is extremely high. Helping users to make an initial prediction about moisture.

In general, although a reference scale is not a genuine scale for measuring moisture in any particular material, its versatility can provide from you to read qualitative humidity in many other materials together. Especially, It is very useful for professionals working with a variety of materials at work such as restoration experts or construction inspectors.

In conclusion

I have shown to you all my knowledge about the reference scale. Do you find it beneficial and easy to use? Let’s try installing and using your moisture meter right away to know more about its great application. Finally, I hope that this article supported you to learn more about the new functions of the best moisture meter that you didn’t know in the past, so you can work it more flexibly and diversely. If there are any errors, I believe you can ignore them. Thank you so much for reading.


It can be seen we can not count exactly the number of modern equipment that our world has nowadays. And each equipment will have different meanings and different purposes in our life. With the developing countries, the smart and new engines and devices are becoming more and more important and applied in all sectors of society. Because they are main elements that assist the civilization change with the good aspects and improve effectiveness. Coming back to this article here, I want you to find out more information about a device that is utilized in our daily life. Every simple activity, we will need this device named the holing puncher pliers. For more details, my article will help you learn more about the usage and application in each aspect of the holing puncher pliers.


How to use the holing puncher pliers successfully?

We can see that the pliers are one of the devices that have the easiest way to use and work with for the consumers. With other devices or tools, we need to waste a stable time to learn and understand the user manual or the usage before using. This is the first step to know how to utilize each device. Have you ever thought that why did we have to do this step? Because this step often takes a lot of our time while we can do other things by this time. The reason is very easy to explain. First of all, we learn the way to know the usage of this device. Only when we know how to apply or utilize this device, we can use it in common working every day. Each of the people always would like to get the best work efficiency so they must study the methods and techniques to use and improve the quality of working. With the holing puncher pliers, I will introduce to you 2 important steps before using it to achieve high-quality work below:

Step 1

Because the holing puncher pliers are a device with multi-function and multi-application so this tool can give us a lot of purposes of working. So the first thing that you need to do when using the holing puncher pliers is to turn the brake and spin to choose the right hole you need. Moreover, the press head of this device must be perpendicular to the base. Because the holing puncher pliers have a lot of functions, so this device is prepared with a set of different hole types with different sizes. That means we can choose any types of a hole to use to be proper with the purpose of use of each person.

Step 2

After we finish step 1, we will continue to carry out step 2 with the following guidance. We must gently squeeze the pliers and when the tip of the pliers contact with the material, we need to squeeze firmly to let the tip penetrate. If you carried out completely both step 1 and step 2, you would finish the work with the holing puncher pliers.


here are some necessary notes that you should keep on your mind during working with the holing puncher pliers. Firstly, you should put the tip of the pliers in the right place in which you need to punch. And you also need to remember that if you punch the deflection hole on the material or object, it will be not beautiful or even damaged. So this material may be wasted or discarded. Moreover, you do not need to remove excess chips in the punch head because when you punch the next hole it will be ejected.

 Applications of the holing puncher pliers

The holing puncher pliers are very helpful and advantageous for craftsmen or who do the handmade things. But that is not enough to talk about the people who can use the holing puncher pliers. For my point of view, the holing puncher pliers are appropriate for every age to use because this device is very easy to utilize. And I am also one of the people using the holing puncher pliers. I often use this tool for some works at home. Let me give you some examples of works that I often use. When I buy the belt for my son, sometimes this belt is not fit because it can be wider than my son’s body. So at this time, the holing puncher pliers are the best solution for me to punch one or two holes to fit with him. I think that holing puncher pliers are very beneficial for our life.

The holing puncher pliers can be applied in many different types of materials. Some popular materials that can be punched by the holing puncher pliers are paper, leather, and fabric.

In conclusion

Each work will need the best equipment or devices to achieve the work successfully. With people who have to work with the pliers have to get the best pliers set to serve for their works. I hope my article will be helpful for you during working.

Home inspiration

I think it was autumn 2013 that I contacted Holly Marder of Avenue Lifestyle. At the time I really wanted to learn more about styling and interior photography. I just had a baby, sweet Joshua, I had no job and the thought of just mothering at home, day in and day out, was well, a bit boring. I needed to do something else as well. So I contacted Holly Marder to see if I could assist this very very talented lady once in a while. Her style was really appealing to me, still is! We got in touch, we met in Delft and 1,5 years later I can look back on a few fun assisting-jobs. I have learned so much from Holly already and it is one special hard working ambitious girl! I really envy the way she does it all!  Along the way my life or rather I, took a different turn. And so assisting Holly is no longer an option for me, time is not on my hands! But I still follow her work closely.

And now she has this GORGEOUS studio! Oh.my.god. I knew she had plans, I knew what kind of plans but the way it turned out, WOW. Stunning, just stunning. And she shared it on her beautiful blog! Yeah, lucky us! I think my eyes just fell out of their sockets when I saw the pictures. The whole look is so relaxed and serene. You just wantto be there. A little paradise, where beauty and work just blend into one. A place where work isn’t work, it is a passion.

It is the tiny things or rather the details that appeal to me, like the layered rugs, the stacked books underneath that very pretty sidetable (an Ikea cabinet with doors, top and brass handles by Superfront) the illustration of a light bulb next to her desk, the combination of plants and terracotta pots. But of course also the color palette – a kind of earthy serenity- the vintage Thonet chaire -l.o.v.e.-, the hanging planters and the painting!

I have visited her studio when it was still a work in progress and I already loved it so much. It’s bright, it’s spacious. And what a great idea to use the attic like that. The way Holly styles everything so carefully. She knows what kind of result she wants to see and carefully puts everything together. I admire her for that. Her moodboard really becomes reality.

Go visit her blog quickly and see the full scoop of this amazing studio makeover. And in case you missed another beautiful makeover, her bedroom makeover, you can find it here. That was equally amazing.

It’s stylists like Holly that inspire me. Her style is refined, original, genuine and classy. Maybe it looks super simple, but really it’s not. It’s a talent, a precious talent. Lucky girl Holly!



Photography and Styling by Holly Marder of Avenue Lifestyle


No this is not a post about the beautiful movie Sliding Doors with Gwyneth Paltrow. But it has a lot to do with the concept of this movie. The ‘what if’ factor. What if  I made this or that decision. What would have happened to me and my life? Would it have changed drastically or would it cause just a minor change in the details? I love that movie and this concept. Yesterday morning I stumbled upon this G.O.R.G.E.O.U.S Parisian apartment of creative agent and stylist Julie Rouby on FvF.

This would be my apartment if I made a few different choices in life. I’d like to think that anyway 🙂. My ‘other’ life. A life I will most probably (and hopefully now) never live. But I sure would have loved it. Ofcourse nothing beats the life I am living now. My hubs and two kids are an absolute dream. But I love the idea of that ‘other’ life. I could write a book about it 🙂. Then I kind of live that life anyway 😉. Maybe every person on this planet has this ‘other’ life….

What I love about this apartment is its honesty, the open space, it looks relaxed, it looks sweet. It just oozes Paris. Oh yes, I would very much have loved to live there in my ‘other’ life! You can read the whole article on FvF and view more pictures.